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About MCD http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/our-group/mcd http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/our-group/mcd

Misr Contraco for Development is one of Misr Contraco Group, Targeting to become one of the significant players in the Egyptian real estate market.

MCD Vision

To provide high end housing and developments solutions, that satisfies our customers’ needs.

MCD Mission

We aspire to be a value added to the real estate industry in Egypt by achieving the most optimum returns to our stakeholders.

MCD values

Create an innovative culture where knowledge is shared, in which we can all work to the highest professional standards and through which we can achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

MCD Standard and Ethics Planning

Execution and delivery on time, professional handling with integrity; always provide a high standard of product, honest and straightforward in all we do, transparency, sharing appropriate and necessary information with our clients, respecting confidential information with our clients, to gain credibility.

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About MCFM http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/who-we-are http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/who-we-are

MisrContraco FM is one of MisrContraco Group , who is one of the leading properties construction companies in Egypt , MCFM is an assembly of talented Facility Management professionals, who have years of experience in maintaining large modern day facilities, MCFM has a past experience in facility management services. Good understanding and commitment has retained our valuable clients for a long period with us. We understand the specific requirements of industry and help them to concentrate on their core competence.

MisrContraco FM is a professionally managed organization offering total facility solutions, including Facilities Operation and Maintenance services, Cleaning Services, Catering Services, Business Support services, Security services, Horticulture Services, and Pest Control Services serving customers in the Various Segments such as Banking, Retail, Malls, Compounds, Health Care and Hospitality.

It has been providing the highest standards of facility solutions to the corporate industry since year 2011. Our active, private ownership has remained focused on the company's Guiding Principles as we have grown to meet the support service needs.


Our Vision

“To be one of the most professional service providers in the field of Facility Management solution in Egypt“ 

Our Mission

“Providing a world class Facility Management Services which fulfilling the growing aspirations of our clients”

Our Values

“Professionalism, Honesty, Integrity, Quality & Customer Care” are our values; we keep and grow to have a strong customer relationship built on trust.

Our People

  • Integrity & technical capabilities are our basic qualifications in our crew selection, while we search for the highest qualified candidates, ethics is non-negotiable.

  • We teach and train the staff our values, about customer needs & satisfactory, quality and Professionalism, doing optimum solutions and looking for perfection.
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MC Top Management http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-13-08-04-40/2016-11-13-08-05-14 http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-13-08-04-40/2016-11-13-08-05-14


Executive Chairman

Graduated from Faculty of Civil Engineering Ain - Shams University Since 1991, He has extensive hands - on experience & diversified history in Contracting & construction. MBA holder since 2014


Eng. Ahmed Hassan

Vice chairman - MEP Sector

Graduated since 1999 as an automatic control engineer, has 15 years of experience in facility management in multinational organizations like Vodafone & Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Joined Misrcontraco since 2015.

Samy Gebril

Technical Affairs Manager

B.Sc in civil engineering since 1998 - Structural Section – Ain Shams University Joined Misr Contraco from 2008 which is the date company establishment and has 20 years experience in all projects activities.


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Structure http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-13-08-04-40/2016-11-13-08-05-44 http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-13-08-04-40/2016-11-13-08-05-44

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Management Team http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-27-09-24-58/mcfc-team http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-27-09-24-58/mcfc-team

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Field Target http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-13-08-04-04 http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-13-08-04-04

MC works in many fields for different purpose Administration Buildings, Industrial, Residential, Commercial, and Medical  projects.

  • MC provides a broad range of business in Building construction; civil engineering works sewerage works, concrete repairs and construction services to commercial sector clients in EGYPT.
  • Misr Contraco values create an innovative culture where knowledge is shared. This is a culture for success, in which we can all work to the highest professional standards, and through which we can achieve sustainable, profitable growth.
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Operation and Maintenance http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-27-09-26-04/operation-maintenance http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-27-09-26-04/operation-maintenance

MisrContraco FM is considered one of the most powerful Co. in Egypt in the area of operating and maintaining wide range of multinational organizations premises, from standalone full facilitated head offices, to retail banking and other retail outlets.

  • High level of quality and keeping the organization look and feel in front of customer is our specialties.
  • Using the maintenance PCP triangle theory, combining preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance processes together in a customer unique plan designed specially for you to meet your unique needs.
  • Using our ticketing software with an interface designed for you to fill in electronic complains remotely and follow-up your log status online, which provide high level of communication and feedback process.
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Cleaning Services http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-27-09-26-04/cleaning-services http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-27-09-26-04/cleaning-services
  • Cleaning is one of the most critical tasks in premises facilitating, it shows how the organization taking care of its premises and respect employees health environment.
  • We in Misr Contraco FM have our own vision in cleaning, starting from cleaning workers selecting criteria to have workers who are addicted to clean, passing by providing the best cleaning equipment and materials , and ending by a very strict supervision and quality control.
  • A cleaning plan will be implemented for your facility, starting from your facility zoning and define each zone needs, criticality and required cleaning frequency rate, moving 
  • Forward to capacity calculation to define numbers and gender of required workers plus types of equipment, ended by the supervisory and quality plan and related documentations.
  • Horticulture Services and Pest Control is an added values we can provide within our contract if required.
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Business Support Services http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-27-09-26-04/business-support-services http://misrcontraco.com/index.php/2016-11-27-09-26-04/business-support-services
  • Reception, business support workers and mail-room management are examples of basic everyday activities within an organization that are essential for creating an efficient business.
  • When support services are outsourced to MisrContraco FM, we remove the administrative burden to the customer by providing skilled employees who deliver a rigorous level of accountability and reliable task performance.
  • This frees up the customer’s managers to focus on their core duties without worrying about the basic daily activities.

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